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Freelance paralegal needed for civil litigation and family law in Fort Worth, Texas. Flexible work-at-home schedule with approximately 10-25 hours per week. Will be responsible for drafting motions, answers, orders, discovery, decrees, final documents, and/or other pleadings for review by the attorney. Strong grammatical skills, attention to detail, and prompt turnaround are required. Qualified applicants must have at least 5 years of civil litigation and family law experience with proficient knowledge of Microsoft Word and ProDoc. Pay rate is commensurate with experience.   Submit resume to Box 072-2013 at

Date Created: 4/17/2013 1:22:49 PM

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Contact Info: Submit resume to Box 072-2013 at
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Date Created: 04/17/2013
Last Updated: 04/17/2013
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