The Tarrant County Bar Association provides a free support staff placement service for the benefit of its members.  Support staff can include legal secretaries, legal assistants and paralegals.

The program operates as follows:

  • Each support staff applicant is required to complete a standard resume form.
  • The support staff information is kept on file in the Tarrant County Bar Association office for a period of three months from the date of receipt.
  • Resumes are faxed to Tarrant County Bar Association attorney members upon request.
  • It is the responsibility of the attorney to contact and interview the support staff applicant of his/her choosing.
  • For support staff presently employed, every effort is made to keep resumes confidential and not sent to current employers, if so requested.
  • The Tarrant County Bar Association does not guarantee placement to applicants or members.
  • This is a free service and it is the desire of the Tarrant County Bar Association to accommodate our members and support the staff of Tarrant County.

For a printable resume form, click here.  For additional information phone 817/338-4092.