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The Tarrant County Bar Association is a non-profit professional organization comprised of over 2,600 lawyers, judges, law students, and other legal professionals in and around Tarrant County. It offers the best way to connect with the legal community.

TCBA exists to improve the administration of justice, elevate standards of professional conduct, support professional development, and promote respect for the legal profession by the public. TCBA also supports the community by promoting free legal education and information, as well as various community services initiatives. TCBA accomplishes its mission and initiatives through the work of its members, volunteers, and community partners.

TCBA’s Bar Year Bar year runs from July 1 through June 30. See our membership page for more membership information. An elected Board of Directors governs the Association. Click here to see the current Board of Directors.

TCBA has several sections comprised of attorneys and legal professionals who practice in specific areas of law. Section members attend luncheons, networking events, seminars, and have their own e-communities on this website to exchange information. A list of sections can be found here.


History of the Tarrant County Bar Association

The Tarrant County Bar Association was established officially in 1904 “to improve the character of practice in the various courts of the city and county,…” Fort Worth in the early 1900s had more than 150 lawyers, and there was a concern that not all were upholding the highest standards of the profession. Over the next one hundred years, the Association held several names – Tarrant County Bar Association; Fort Worth Bar Association; Fort Worth and Tarrant County Bar Association and Fort Worth-Tarrant County Bar Association. Since 1980, it has held the name of Tarrant County Bar Association. With each new name, the Bar Association has confronted many challenges – from struggling to provide needed services to adapting to sweeping changes in the profession. Dynamic individuals and firms have pioneered those changes, particularly in terms of age, race and gender issues.


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