Bankruptcy Law Section

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Formed 7/1999
The purposes of the Bankruptcy Law Section are:

  • To study bankruptcy law in Tarrant County, as well as in other parts of Texas and the United States;
  • To develop a forum for discussion of bankruptcy law among lawyers;
  • To teach the lawyers, judges, and the public in Tarrant County about bankruptcy law through the sponsoring of seminars and the use of other methods; and
  • To develop a forum at which judges, other public officials, both state and federal, attorneys, and other professionals may speak in Tarrant County.

The Bankruptcy Law Section schedules luncheons on the third Monday of every other month, except February (fourth Monday due to a holiday) and provide .5 hour of CLE credit at most luncheons.

Dues: $50
Chair: Robbie Clarke, Bonds Ellis Eppich Schafer Jones LLP
Phone: 817.405.6900


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