COVID-19 Resources for the Public

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General Legal Aid Resources

State Bar of Texas Legal Assistance Hotline
800.504.7030 toll-free
Free Legal Resources for the Public

Texas Legal Answers
If you have a civil legal question, you can submit it here.

LegalLine Sign Up

Legal Resources for Individuals During a Pandemic

Legal Resources for Individuals During a Pandemic
The Legal Access Division’s 2019-2020 Referral Directory of Legal Services and Other Resources for Low-Income Texans offers a searchable county-by-county breakdown of legal and other services across Texas. It can be found at



Employment FAQs

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Unemployment Benefits During COVID-19

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Employee Leave During COVID-19


Landlord/Tenant & Housing

Stop TX Eviction Portal
Do you live in Texas and can’t afford your rent? We are here to help.

Educational Resources For the Public
The State Bar has gathered online resources designed to educate the public on tenant/landlord issues, including eviction rights and responsibilities and the federal order. The collection can be found at

Landlord Tenant FAQs

COVID-19 Rental Assistance

COVID-19 Stimulus Check FAQs
Foreclosures During COVID-19

Texas Disability Rights

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Landlord/Tenant and Eviction during COVID-19


Consumer Fraud

Internal Revenue Service
IRS issues warning about Coronavirus-related scams

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
What Consumers Need to Know About Fraud During COVID-19

American Bar Association
Economic Impact Payment IRS Resources


Family Law

Family Law FAQs

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Addressing Family Violence During COVID-19

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Co-parenting During COVID-19



Bankruptcy FAQs



Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
COVID-19 Impact on the Immigrant Community

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
Impacto de Covid en la Comunidad Inmigratoria


Community Resources

Texas 2-1-1

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County
COVID-19 Meal Distribution Flyer

Tarrant Area Food Bank

Salvation Army DFW

United Way of Tarrant County

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas
When and How to Do a Handwritten Will


Volunteer is your source for all things pro bono. Volunteering to help Texas residents with their legal needs—in any practice area—frees up lawyers at the state’s legal aid agencies to assist more people. At Pro Bono Texas you can find the right volunteer opportunity for you, as well as mentors to guide you and resources to succeed.

The resources on this website are published by the Tarrant County Bar Association as an aid to the community. The resources are based on Texas law and only intended to inform and not give legal advice. You should seek legal advice from an attorney of your choice to advise you in your particular situation.


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