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The mission of the Law & Civics Committee is to study and assess issues related to the improvement of public education about the critical role of the judiciary and other civics topics, in addition to the bar’s relationship with the Tarrant County judiciary; make recommendations to address those issues; and help the TCBA, its members, committees, sections, and affiliated bars, implement those recommendations.

Law & Civics Committee

Hon. R.H. Wallace, Chair
Senior District Judge 96th District 

Hon. Dabney Bassel
Justice, Second Court of Appeals

Hon. George Gallagher 
District Judge, 396th District Court

Hon. Jesse Nevarez, Jr.
District Judge, 231st District Court

Roland Johnson
Fmr. President, State Bar of Texas 
Fmr. President, Tarrant County Bar Association
Harris Finley & Bogle, P.C. 

Brian Newby
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) USAF
Managing Partner,
Cantey Hanger LLP

Stephen C. Maxwell
Fmr. President, Tarrant County Bar Association
Bailey & Galyen

W. Bradley Parker
Fmr. President, Tarrant County Bar Association
Parker Law Firm

Heather King
Fmr. President, Tarrant County Bar Association
KoonsFuller, P.C.

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