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Welcome to TCBA - the best way to connect to the legal community

  1. TCBA is a non-profit professional organization, and it exists to improve the administration of justice, elevate standards of professional conduct, support professional development, and promote respect for the legal profession by the public. TCBA accomplishes these goals through a number of different programs and initiatives.
  2. TCBA is comprised of over 2,600 lawyers, judges, law students, and other legal professionals in and around Tarrant County. It offers the best way to connect with the legal community.
  3. TCBA members learn about events and news in the legal community through TCBA's Bar Bulletin and weekly emails. Advertising in the Bar Bulletin is a great way to promote your business or event.
  4. TCBA has 18 substantive law sections that provide free or low cost CLE through luncheons or seminars. Join a section and meet other attorneys in your practice area at the luncheons or section mixers.
  5. TCBA supports the community and attorneys building their practice through the Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) program. LRIS helps the public find an attorney by providing referrals members of the LRIS service. LRIS receives over 12,000 calls or emails a year from individuals who want to hire an attorney, and offers referrals in a wide range of practice areas, including family, criminal, civil, and probate law. TCBA members receive a membership discount to join the LRIS.
  6. TCBA's committees offer a great way to get involved, meet new people, help the community, and develop leadership skills. Find a TCBA committee that fits your interest.
  7. TCBA's Transition to Practice program connects attorneys with experienced attorneys who serve as mentors in a wide range of practice areas. Transition to Practice also develops free CLE programs for attorneys, including primers on different areas of law and courthouse tours in different courthouses.
  8. TCBA hosts several networking and professional development events a year for its members, including Docket Calls, Bench Bar Conference, Breakfast with the Judiciary, and Women in the Law Luncheon.
  9. TCBA offers several ways to obtain free or low cost CLE. A Brown Bag CLE pass includes access to seven different Friday afternoon seminars throughout the year on topics ranging from ethics, appellate law, legislative updates, and federal law. The cost is equal to approximately $5.00 per hour of CLE. The Membership Committee's Protecting Your License CLE Series offers free ethics CLE throughout the year on topics ranging from advertising, electronic discovery, and competency requirements.
  10. TCBA provides wellness resources and opportunities for group outings through the Wellness Connection Committee. TCBA members can attend a wellness seminar, share joint interests at informal meet-ups, or learn about wellness resources though education and meetings.

*A copy of TCBA's Anti-Harassment policy is located here.


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