Bears & Books is an annual collection of stuffed animals and children's

books usually during the Holiday Party.   These donations are delivered

to the Tarrant County Family Law and Juvenile Courts to give to children

who are there for various court needs.


This annual community-service project is held usually each spring.   In conjunction with the Carter BloodCare, members are asked to come to the Bar Center to donate a unit of blood.   This unit can save up to 3 lives.  Each year there is a "Gallon Club Challenge" issued to the law firm or government department with the most members attending.   The Foundation furnishes pizza and salad over lunch time, and in the past several years, door prizes have been collected by thecommittee members to enhance partition. 


The Tarrant Area Food Bank is always in need of donations, either in food or in money.   The Foundation sponsors, and the Association facilitates an annual Food Drive, which over the past two years has focused on monetary donations in the form of a "brown bag" delivered to each firm.  For 2011, the Drive collected $6,000 to give to the TAFB which will help needy children receive "back-packs" with food to supplement their nourishment over the weekend when school programs are not available.


National Adoption Day is held each year, in November, in collaboration with the Family Law Courts of Tarrant County.  The committee solicits attorneys to volunteer to take and process one adoption.  In return, a training seminar is held, giving CLE credits and needed credits to practice before a juvenile court.   Many families are made whole during this annual event supported by local family law judges and their court staff.  The courtrooms are decorated with ballons and stuffed animals to signify the joy of the occasion.



This event is sponsored by a committee from the Association and held at the Texas Wesleyan School of Law on a Saturday, usually in the spring.   A curriculum of four-classes on different topics are offered each hour for a total of a 3-hour session.   These topics are based in the needs of the general public to educate the public on the general principles of that field of law.  Local advertisement is done in area newspapers to prompt the event and many "students" return each year to learn something new.