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TCBFThe Tarrant County Bar Foundation is a charitable organization formed under the auspices of the Tarrant County Bar Association. The Tarrant County Bar Foundation was established in 1997 to support and expand its commitments to “justice, service, and professionalism” by funding important community service projects. These projects include crucial legal services to needy citizens and education of the public about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

The Tarrant County Bar Foundation has been granted a tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The voluntary, tax-deductible contributions by its members support the Foundation and its programs. The Foundation has established several categories of Fellows:

  • Charter Fellows have completed, in full, their $1,000 pledge by December 31, 1998.
  • Fellows of the Foundation have pledged $1,200 in support, to be paid over 10 years.
  • Life Fellowship – those who complete their original pledge.
  • Sustaining Life Fellowship – those who complete their original pledge and who continue to make annual contributions of the minimum amount required of Fellows.
  • Each year, a small number of members of the Tarrant County Bar Association are invited to become Fellows of the Foundation by pledging $1,200 in support, to be paid over 10 years.

Honorary Fellow is a distinction that is given from time to time to an individual who has such interest in the law and the cause of justice to have rendered to the public or to the legal profession, on behalf of the cause of justice, service of such an unusual nature as to merit special recognition.

The Foundation’s Goals

The goals of the Foundation are:

  • To support, promote, and encourage activities for the furtherance of justice and legal education through the sponsorship and encouragement of legal research, publications, institutes, forums, and the establishment of scholarships.
  • Assistance of the institution and maintenance of legal aid facilities for the indigent or working poor and the acceptance of aid and grants from government and private sources.
  • The extension of financial assistance to attorneys or members of an attorney’s family who are “in need” as defined under the Internal Revenue Service regulations.


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